Map Vegetation and Fuels 

Conway Conservation Group (CCG) and our partners have developed novel workflows that package high spatial and temporal resolution information into meaningful datasets that can be applied at multiple scales. We provide seamless, timely, and cost-effective updates when disturbance may render parts of that dataset inadequate. CCG understands that there isn’t a mapping product that will fit everyone’s requirements, so we tailor all of our deliverables to meet our client’s specific needs. 

Partner credit: USFS


Quantify Forest Resilience

Conway Conservation Group (CCG) has pioneered workflows to quantify forest resilience by measuring horizontal and vertical forest structure across large areas of forests in the western United States. Taking advantage of extensive, high density LiDAR acquisitions, CCG synthesizes pattern data in order to compare at risk forests to contemporary resilient forest conditions that exist in places like Illilouette Basin in Yosemite National Park and Sierra San Pedro Martir in Baja, Mexico. 


Partner credit: USFS