Scott Conway, Founder & Principal Forest Ecologist


Mr. Conway brings a unique combination of natural resource education, training, and management experience that he relies on to successfully navigate forest and fuels management challenges. Even early in life, Mr. Conway was acquiring skills in the environmental sciences by directing camp ecology programs in Texas, leading trail crews in the mountains of New Mexico, and inventorying forests in the Northern Rocky Mountains. 

After graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Management and GIS, he immediately began a long and decorated Forest Service Career that eventually moved him to the Sierra Nevadas in 2000. There he assimilated a range of practical management experience in everything from implementing complex timber sales to biological surveys to prescribed and wildland fire. 


In 2008 he transitioned into a head forester position where he co-led several large collaboration projects including the Sagehen Forest Project where historical antagonists came together to create a novel, multiple goal management approach that overcame stubborn project roadblocks. This accomplishment was recently highlighted in a New Yorker article


More recently, Mr. Conway worked at the Pacific Southwest Region’s Remote Sensing Lab where he pioneered geospatial dataset application solutions for managers and decision makers in California, Nevada, and the Pacific Islands. Finally, he capped his Forest Service Career off as the District Ranger for the Truckee Ranger District on the Tahoe National Forest where he forged community and stakeholder relationships that helped incorporate more prescribed fire in adjacent forests while also increasing sustainable recreation opportunities. 


In his current capacity, as Principal Forest Ecologist with the Conway Conservation Group, Mr. Conway continues to lean on his deep set of experiences, education, and training to perform careful forest project assessment, analysis, implementation, and monitoring so clients and the people they serve can live in defensible communities and are surrounded by resilient forests. 

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